Site Activities

Abseiling*The tower can have two descents on it at a time.  
Archery*A secure, indoor netted archery range is in place with enough space for four people to shoot at once in all weathers.  
Climbing*The climbing tower has three climbs and an advanced climb with holds covering two sides of the tower.  Additionally, there is a chimney to climb on a third side.  This allows for a range of challenge.
Garden GamesGiant Jenga and Pick up sticks are available for those quieter moments.  
GeocachingThere are several geocaches in the local area, one of which is in the woods directly behind the site.
HikingThere are lots of hiking opportunities in the local woods as well as a nature trail which is simple walking for younger members.  
PioneeringPioneering poles are available on site and there is plenty of space on site to construct large projects.
Shooting*An indoor shooting gallery is available which will allow people to do the activity in all weathers.

* All activities denoted * require an instructor with the correct qualifications to run the activity. Copies of permits will need to be lodged with the bookings manager.  If you need an instructor to help, please ask and we will see if anyone is available.